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  • Everything is done in-house
  • We take a custom approach with each vehicle from simple kits to areas you add
  • We have the experience and expertise to go as far as completely wrapping bumpers in one piece!
High impact areas of your vehicle take the brunt of damaging road debris. Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film, the industry standard in surface protection, helps proctect your investment from stone chips, bugs and anything else out there that is harmful to your vulnerable paint. With our professional installers we can help protect your vehicle.
An amazing alternative to Bug Deflectors and bulky Vinyl Bras, specializes in the installation of 3M Scotchgard. This clear urethane protection is applied to the leading edge of your vehicle to prevent stone chips and damage. Virtually invisible, you have to be close to the vehicle and look hard, to spot the product.
Scotchgard offers protection from stone chips, insects, and scratches where you need it most. Although 3M Scotchgard offers better protection because it is applied like window tint and won't trap dirt (resulting in damaged paint), it washes up like a clear coat and never has to be removed. The product has a 3M 5 year warranty and requires no special maintenance. You can wash and wax it along with the rest of your car, minimizing bug and sap stains and easing stain removal.
  • 3M Scotchgard 8Mil paint protection film
  • Film and clear coat contain UV protectants to resist yellowing
  • High-performance, pressure sensitive adhesive that ensures excellent bonding to OEM paints
  • Helps maintain your vehicle's value
  • Will not crack, shrink or peel
  • 5 year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Will not affect vehicle's appearance or aerodynamics
  • Removable without damage to underlying paint
  • Endorsed by major auto manufacturers ie. Porsche
For cars, trucks, RV's, motorcycles or any other surface that needs extra protection 3M Scotchgard is the best solution. Our qualified installers will give you the best protection to keep your vehicle looking new for years to come. On RVs-cab fronts, mirror backs and all other leading edges.
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