[accordion title=”Q. How long does it take to have a vehicle wrapped?”]

A. Once the design is approved, a standard vehicle can be printed and installed within approximately 10-15 days. Installation will take about 1 full day to complete depending on the size of your vehicle.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Q. Will you pay me to wrap my vehicle as part of an ad campaign?”]
A. No. We do not pay people to wrap their cars, Getwrapped.ca is paid by companies to wrap company and fleet vehicles.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Q. How long will my wrap last?”]
A. With proper care a wrap can usually last up to 5 years. Vehicle wraps will also protect your paint during this time.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Q. Will I be able to see out of my windows?”]
A. Yes. Perforated window film allows an image to exist on a window with minimal vision loss. It can be compared to looking through a screen door. However, legally the windshield, front passenger and driver side windows cannot be wrapped.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Q. Will it damage my vehicles paint? Can I wrap a leased vehicle?”]
A. Actually, the covered surfaces are protected from the elements. Once removed it leaves no trace. This applies to original factory paint.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Q. What steps should I take to insure the longevity of my wrap?”]
A. To prolong the life of your wrap: avoid power washing, especially at close range and around the edges of the wrap surface, also avoid using a scraper on wrapped windows to remove snow.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Q. What file formats, sizes, specifications do you require?”]
A. All artwork info supplied or otherwise, can be found in the pre-press specifications here[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Q. In the event of an accident can a panel be replaced?”]
A. Yes it is possible to reprint a portion of the wrap and have it reapplied.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Q. How effective is a wrap? How is it compared to other forms of outdoor advertising?”]
A. A wrap is the most cost effective form of outdoor advertising. For an in depth comparisons see the article here.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Q. What can be wrapped?”]
A. We specialize in vehicle wraps, interior/exterior building wraps, and event graphics. However almost anything can be wrapped and we would love to hear about any unique project that you may have in mind.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Q. Does my vehicle need to be clean when I drop it off?”]
A. YES! Your vehicle needs to be clean so the wrap can properly bond to the car. A quick run through the car wash should be sufficient. Please AVOID WAXING before bringing your car in.[/accordion]